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Unique Blend Of

Comfort & Superior Protection

No fogging in glasses due to airtight fit
BFE99 certified filters made from meltblown fabric - does not permit liquid to pass through
Breathable Design due to space inside the mask
Comfortable Smooth
Skin Friendly Silicone Seal
Protection: Flexible edge takes the shape of the users face to create a perfect seal 
Replaceable filters snap in to the filter chambers easily, mask can be washed and reused  
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The BreezeBubble Mask has space inside it that allows the user to breathe and talk through easily

The soft skin friendly silicone material rests gently on the users face 



Place gently over face in comfortable position and pull the ear loops over the ears

Make sure it's not too tight, the mask is designed to take the shape of your face when placed comfortably. 

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BreezeBubble UltraProtect

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