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Quantity - 10 filters 


BFE99 filters certified to filtrate >= 0.1 micron particles, bacteria, pollen, dust, and other PM2.5 particles with 99% efficiency according to ASTM (American Society to Testing and Materials) Standards


Disc shaped filters

Durable and last for 4-6 days of use

Wear and tear: Do not get damaged easily


Recommended Use Time: 4-6 days per filter depending on place and time of use -  (Replace if it is visibly soiled or torn). 

10 Filter Pack

$4.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price

    For international orders outside of the US please order via Indiegogo

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    Easy To Wear

    Replace filters

    filter replace gif.gif

    BreezeBubble Mask Features

    seal gooood.png

    Smooth Silicone Seal

    It's Soft, Airy, Sleek and is designed to sit snug and comfy on your face

    smaller filter pack.PNG

    BFE95 certified filters

    10 Replaceable certified filters are included with the mask

    fogging glasses.jpg

    No Fogging Of Glasses

    Due to it's airtight fit design we ensure no or very low fogging of glasses

    Mask on women at work.jpg

    Ultra Protection

    It's airtight face-fit and filtration capacity provides high protection

    wash seal.jpg

    Washable and Reusable

    You can easily wash, wipe and reuse your mask



    SmoothEdge is light and airy and weights 1.4 ounces