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  • What differentiates BreezeBubble from other masks?
    Most other masks have a tradeoff between comfort and protection. BreezeBubble provides you with the best of both worlds: Superior Respiratory Protection while being Super Breathable and Comfortable. The smooth silicone seal provides comfort while it's flexible edge design creates an airtight seal for high protection.
  • I can feel air leaking how do I get an airtight fit?
    1) Adjusting the ear loops according to your face is KEY to getting an airtight seal - try to tighten them OR loosen them around your ears (it won't create a perfect fit if the mask is too tight) 2) Try pulling it up or down based your nose on your face fit and comfort 3) Try pulling the mask OUTWARD once it's placed on your face using the filter holders. Then adjust and release so it gently pulls back and takes the shape of your face
  • How long does the filter last?
    The filter can be used from 4-6 times depending on time and place of usage (dispose earlier if used for a longer time in high risk situation). In case your filter is visibly damaged, torn, or soiled, discard immidiately and replace. You can refill by buying our 10 filter pack for only $3.
  • My mask is dirty what do I do?
    Wash it! You can put it under running water and clean with soap if needed. Or wipe it with a wet tissue / antimicrobial towel / sanitizing spray. The mask is also microwave safe upto 2 minutes if you'd like to kill the germs through heat. Make sure you pop the filters out when you wash, or microwave
  • Can I reuse it?
    Yes, once you buy it the BreezeBubble is yours for eternity! You can use it as many times as you like. It comes with a replaceable filter that you can change as per your usage.
  • Is it suitable for kids?
    Yes! The breezebubble mask is suitable for children down to 7 years of age on average, based on our current user testing.
  • Is it certified?
    Our BFE99 filters are certified according to the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Material) Standards with the following specifications: - 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2101): 99.9% filtration - 99 filtration efficiency for 0.1 Micron Size Particles (ASTM F2299) - Differential Pressure <6.0 mm H2O/cm2 In addition to filter efficacy, the flexible edge design creates an airtight seal and prevents any bacteria, virus, dust, pollen, PM2.5 particles, pollution from seeping in from the sides. We are also working with Henry Ford Health Systems to conduct clinical trials to test for medical use. General Flame and Water Tests shown below for the meltblown filter fabric: Water Test Passed: Filter does not allow any liquid to pass through Flame Test Passed: Filter fully disintegrates rather than catching fire
  • Is there a way to change to head straps?
    Here is a way to change your existing (or any other ear loops) to head straps in the BreezeBubble Mask: Another option could be to purchase a head strap connector like this one:
  • I ordered my BreezeBubble, when can I expect it to be shipped?"
    Thanks for backing us and joining the awesome BreezeBubble family! You will recieve your order in 5-7 business days.
  • Will wearing the mask fog my glasses?
    Our testing and early backers confirms that there is NO FOGGING IN GLASSES with the UltraProtect Mask. this is due to the air tight seal created by the flexible silicone edge design. In case it does fog your glasses check out some adjustment tricks to stop the air from leaking mentioned in the second question!
  • Is this an N95 mask?
    This is not a medical N95 mask. The BreezeBubble mask is a general use facemask that helps reduce the spread of Covid19. Our filters are tested for filtering down to 0.1 micron particles according to ASTM 2100 Standards (American Society of Testing and Materials). We are working with Henry Ford Healthcare System to test and validate applications for this mask in the medical space. We are also working with Nelson Labs to test our mask and get an N95 certification.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can contact us directly at with your questions, comments or thoughts! We also have our feedback form on the Products page, and subscribe form on Home page, we would love to hear your experience.
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