On A Mission To Enable everyone to live an Active, Healthy & Happy Life

At BreezeBubble our goal is to ensure quality breathing for everyone to empower a healthy lifestyle

Our Story

October 2019

Started brainstorming solutions of how to enable people living in polluted air environments to live a normal active life 

December 2019

Visited my family in India and realized the problems with current masks and solutions 


(uncomfortable, difficult to breathe in, ineffective)

Pre - Covid Picture


March 2020

Designed a working prototype for consumer testing with a high efficiency fan and batteries

February 2020

Started prototyping and 3D printing models with a micro-fan to focus on ease of breathing aspect of mask

May 2020

After testing different materials,  Finalized the BreezeBubble

Looking Ahead we hope to help transform world into a healthier and happier place..

One mask at a time

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